Hello there, and welcome to Fine Arts Stories!

Fine Arts Stories is a place for Fine Arts students to share a variety of information with their colleagues. We’d like to know what you are working on, individually and collaboratively, as part of your class work or extra-curricular projects. We are also seeking calls for submission or information about opportunities for Fine Arts students you’d like to share, items of general interest, etc. Fine Arts Stories is here for us to collectively hold space for one another, and to build community at a time when we are not able to experience time as physical space together quite so easily as before. Social media can be a great place to find new friends and information, but you have to know who or what to search for. This is where Fine Arts Stories can help you find those in your community who are also interested in reaching out; and fostering connection from there.
Our hope is to create an ever-evolving patchwork display of student artworks, research findings, recorded happenings or panel discussions, and more – much in the same way you would come across these various phenomena if you were to amble through a building in search of something interesting.

Fine Arts Stories in un-juried and therefore is open to all currently registered Fine Arts students to place their works or contents. Though we must be sure to tell you upfront that this is a place that upholds values of mutual respect and justice. Materials that seek to reproduce harm of any kind will not be able to join up with this new alchemy we are creating here, so if that is your thing, Fine Arts Stories is not a fit for you. But, if you wish to share in the spirit of connecting and developing a strong community from a distance, please absolutely do get in touch and share your art related story with us! We are so eager to hear from you!!

Fine Arts Stories is an initiative of the Office of Student Relations in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University, Tiohtiá:ke / Montréal. For more information, contact studentrelations[dot]finearts [at] concordia [dot] ca - or get in touch with your questions here!

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