Somewhere Gallery x VAV Gallery: Archiving Identity

ANNOUNCING the Somewhere Gallery x VAV Gallery COLLABORATION
Archiving Identity at Somewhere Gallery from March 18th-25th!

Archiving Identity

The study of oneself is a unique process.

The act of exploring our identities through materiality and personal archives is present in many artistic forms and personal practices around the globe. Throughout time the study of oneself is at the forefront of our interests and our longing to understand our humanly purpose.

When we find ourselves with an abundance of spare time, we begin questioning the deeper parts of our inner selves. Often, this research can begin through the personal study of familial relationships and inhabited environments.

There are various paths to reach a goal of being at peace with oneself. By immersing oneself in research and creating connections with our surroundings we develop a form of self representation to identify with. Always in search of our place of belonging.

Visual mediums can offer a powerful method to explore identity. Through imagery that is deconstructed, transformed, invented, catalogued, etc, we create a file of our past, present and future. A continuous journey of making our intangible inner selves tangible.

As art makers and conceptual thinkers, questioning personal meaning while existing in a community can offer the attention and significance to mundane attributes that surround us.

Sometimes we are led through a journey of self exploration through our subconscious interests, or through moments of interlude- when we are the closest to ourselves and the exterior feels so far away.

Text by Katherine Parthimos


Paulina Bereza

Kevin Rameau

Claudia Goulet-Blais


David Nadeau

Curated by
Katherine Parthimos,

And the VAV team (Julia-Autumn Savoy, Carolina Larrosa, and Tyra Maria Trono)

Design by

Katherine Parthimos

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First come first served, maximum 2 visitors per appointment!

Appointment Schedule:
Thursday, March 18th, 1-3PM

Saturday, March 20th, 10-1PM

Sunday, March 21st, 3-5PM

Tuesday, March 23rd, 1-3PM

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Somewhere Gallery's mission is to create alternative exhibition opportunities for emerging artists based in the greater Montreal area.

With a focus on unconventional and non-established exhibition spaces, our goal is to create a dialog around a more accessible and approachable environment for emerging artists to show their artwork. By building a community where artists unite, through Somewhere Gallery, there is a prioritized focus on the artist and their artwork rather than leading with consumerists intentions like many commercial galleries do.

Somewhere Gallery strives to make exhibiting artwork as an emerging artist as accessible as possible with frequent exhibition opportunities, simple and conducive application forms and low commission rates.

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Meet the Founder/Curator of Somewhere Gallery

Katherine Parthimos is a Montreal based curator working with an open and experimental curatorial structure that focuses on linking community and nurturing relationships. By using exhibitions to showcase and connect artwork from artists with various conceptual backgrounds, Parthimos strives to create professional and community strengthening opportunities for emerging artists.

Since experimenting with many collaborative curatorial projects during her BFA at Concordia University (2020), Parthimos has since founded Somewhere Gallery which focuses on accessible and alternative exhibition opportunities for Montreal based emerging artists.

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