Jean-Philippe Poirier: Broken Thought, Broken Mind

Broken Thought, Broken Mind

This is the final project I did for my DRAW 300 class.
I started this project with a cloak made out of raw cotton. I then used ink with a large brush, inspired by pieces from the hallway project. I then embroidered the drawings that had fallen on the floor from my hallway project to the cloak.

The drawings are linked together with a continuous embroidery tread that transforms, in the interior of the cloak, into constellation charts that are used to guide ourselves. Other elements are around the theme of guiding, mapping and find our way, to not get lost. The ball of yarn worn at the side is reminiscent of Ariadne string used by Theseus to escape the labyrinth. The performer trying to use the string, take flight, trying to escape, but it doesn’t work.

The head masked by plaster cloth is used to repair broken bones, broken head, broken mind. We can see the performer’s eye through the crack of the mask, he can see us through the crack. The mask becoming a helmet, mushroom, conch-like, parasite. The hybrid can’t fly, can’t go home until it is completely healed.

By wearing its drawings that were made unconsciously, the wearer is wearing its ideas, the moving of ideas inside and outside of the artist. Becoming our thinking self. The wind affecting the ideas, making them move as the many thoughts inside our heads, trying to catch all of them, trying to tie them onto ourselves.

The owl/tree figure is a rememberer, a witness of the passage of time, a wise character. Having been injured, it can only stay to heal and observe the outside world as it heals.