Concordia Film Festival: CFF seeks new team members!

Attention Film Studies, Animation, Production, and Concordia students:

The Concordia Film Festival is looking for new and energetic members to join our team!

The Concordia Film Festival is the oldest and largest student-run film festival in North America. The festival is a four-day event that runs during the month of May at the end of each academic year. We screen films made by Concordia Film Production and Animation students and host a wide array of talks and special exhibition screenings.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 49th edition of the CFF will be taking the hybrid form of online and in-person events!

Although all positions are volunteer-based, they are ESSENTIAL in ensuring that the committee executes a successful 49th festival. The rewarding experience opens many doors and opportunities to aspects within the Concordia community and the greater film community in Montreal and Canada. As well as looking great on your CV! This is an opportunity to get involved with the making of a Film Festival and create connections with the film community!!

Applications are due September 27th by 11:55PM.

Questions? Contact our directors, Louis-Jean and Paris via email:

We are currently looking for Concordia students to fill the roles posted on this call out.

Administrative Coordinator - 1 Position

The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for running the film festival's basic administrative operations, such as organizing meetings, note-taking, and operating and answering emails on the general information email. The administrative coordinator is the glue that holds the team together. This position is for one academic year.

Head of Marketing and Communications Coordinator - 1 Position

The Head Marketing and Communications Coordinators market the film festival. Everything from posters to public relations to online marketing will fall under the marketing coordinator’s responsibilities. The head coordinator will also work closely with the social media, graphics teams and website coordinator to market the festival. The head Marketing and Communications

coordinator must have strong written communication skills in both English and French. This position is for one academic year.

Social Media Coordinators - 2 Positions

The Social Media Coordinators are in charge of all posts posted on the CFF’s multiple social media platforms, mainly Instagram and Facebook. Content creation is vital. This job includes posting promotional materials for the festival and sponsors, Instagram story Trivia, and video uploads. This position is for one academic year.

Video Crew - 3 Positions

The Video Crew is responsible for shooting, developing, and editing videos to capture essential moments from CFF events. The Video Crew must regularly meet with Social Media and Marketing & Communication coordinators to receive feedback/changes and review upcoming events, assignments, and communication strategies. This position is for one academic year.

Technical Coordinator - 4 Positions

The Technical Coordinators will be in charge of creating all of the DCPs for the films screened at this year’s festival and testing footage to make sure no technical problems occur during screenings. The technical coordinators must be in contestant contact with the Technical Head Coordinator. Traditionally the CFF has had two students from Film animation, two from Film Production to be the technical coordinators.This position is for one semester during the Winter semester.

Event Coordinator - 1 Position

The Event Coordinator will be in charge of planning the festival parties and related events. The Event Coordinator takes care of the catering and the space in which these parties take place. This position is for one academic year.

Emerging Voices Curators - 1 Position

The Emerging Voices Curators must read and curate the essays submitted to the Emerging Voices section. They must also keep in contact with the Emerging Voices Coordinator. This position is for one semester during the Winter semester.

Spotlight Programmers - 4 Positions

The Spotlight Programmers must watch every film submitted to their respective sections while keeping in contact and attending meetings scheduled by their Spotlight Head Programmer. This position for one academic year.