Concordia Student Union: CSU's Open Letter Regarding Concordia’s Winter 2022 Semester

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To the Concordia Administration,

A week into the Winter 2022 semester, Concordia students, faculty, and staff have been left in the dark about what to expect for the term. While the current public health situation is constantly developing, leading to much uncertainty for all, the indecisive and uninformed leadership of the Concordia University administration has only exacerbated the anxieties felt by students enduring the effects of this pandemic. This has consequently put immense pressure on students’ mental health, academic success, and overall student well-being; students who are under the care, guidance, and responsibility of the University.

It is in this context that we are posting the following demands to the Concordia University Administration:

- Provide clear communication and expectations to students, faculty, and staff for the whole semester before the DNE deadline or extend the DNE deadline until such a decision has been made
- Offer a fully online or at the very least fully hybrid semester, not forcing anyone onto campus who cannot safely do so while simultaneously ensuring that students do not have to choose between dropping out of all their courses and risking their lives
- Move all exams and assignments online
- Ensure that class material is accessible remotely (through live streams, recordings, study material, and adapting other course content that students need to successfully complete their classes).
- Allocate more resources to hire more Teaching Assistants to help with the abovementioned task (similar to how more TAs were hired in earlier semesters during the pandemic)
- Eliminate all participation and attendance grades or ensure that participation grades are diversified and not solely based on in-class participation
- Provide accommodations for sick students that ensure they aren’t forced to attend class at all (even virtually) during their sickness and that allow for alternate arrangements for assignments and exams so that they can focus on their health
- Bring back the Pass/DISC grading option for students
- Mandate and provide N95/KN95 masks everywhere on campus
- Provide transparency about the ventilation systems in the classroom and improve ventilation to the highest standard possible
- Enforce social distancing in all classrooms and campus spaces
- Implement mandatory weekly testing for all students, faculty, and staff accessing campus
- Ensure that students are part of all decisions made in regard to any future plans of returning to in-person learning

Concordia Student Union
ASFA Concordia
Fasa Concordia