Concordia: Call-Out: Demand Sustainability Curriculum X Fine Arts

Only 8.5% of Concordia graduates come out of a program with any sustainability learning outcome. The national average in Canada is 37%. This data is self-reported by Concordia to STARS, the North American gold standard for assessing sustainability in universities. The majority of the 8.5% are from engineering undergraduate programs because they are required by accreditation to learn about sustainability in their curriculum.
So, now it is on you and me to take charge of our education and demand to be better equipped to fight the climate crisis. In the upcoming CSU by-election, vote “YES” to the referendum question asking you to demand that Concordia commit to teaching all students about sustainability and the climate crisis by 2030, and to mandate the CSU to advocate to achieve that demand.

Voting is exclusively online, from November 16 to 18, 9am to 11:59pm.

Sustainability Resources within Concordia University