Painting and Drawing Student Association: Call for submissions  

Painting and Drawing Student Association, Call for submissions!

Deadline to apply: November 20th, 2021

Vernissage: December 15th, 2021

Concordia’s Painting and Drawing Student Association is looking for group exhibition project proposals!

This is the occasion for students from Concordia's Fine Arts' community to apply as groups (minimum of 4, up to 10) with their own exhibition idea. The intent is to give more agency to students in the decision-making process regarding the exhibition of their work.

The PDSA will be acting as a facilitator for the exhibition project suggested by the chosen group, which will take place this December (14th-19th) in collaboration with Atelier Galerie 2112.

This project is a space for students to be creative not only with their own work, but with the way it will be presented as well; it's a great opportunity to gain experience in the planning of an exhibition!

For more information, and how to apply:

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Our Instagram page: @pdsaconcordia