Tricia Enns: Collecting and Coagulating

How do we relate to urban spaces? Often there are materials, memories, and stories that hide in the corners or shadows (either through choice or force) that could help us "better" or more deeply understand a space. This collection of handmade papers incorporates materials found within the Quartier Des Spectacles neighbourhood, orbiting around the Saint Laurent Metro Station.

The papers, part of a larger thesis project, required repetitive visits to the area, deep attention to what normally goes unseen, and a slow intimate, tactile exploration as the materials were mixed with paper pulp in my kitchen. The end results are material mappings of the streets of the neighbourhood that hint at the lives, both human and more-than-human, and activities that exist in these streets.

The materials were collected intentionally to showcase the traces of something that once was; a drink that was consumed, an appointment (assumably) attended, the shedding of leaves. The viewer is encouraged to speculate on the narratives that may be attached to elements they see (or do not see) in the paper.