The Fine Arts Reading Room: Fine Arts Reading Room Winter Residency 2022: Call for submissions

The Fine Arts Reading Room is seeking applications for our Winter 2022 residencies.

**the farr residency –
For any research-creation project
Which is about art/art making,
In preparation for art making,
Or is itself an art object

**the return to space residency –’
Propose a project which specifically responds to the collection at the fine arts reading room: select an area of study which is included, or not included, it’s current manifestation, and help us activate the material through any research-creation method of your choosing.

(what’s on our stacks: critical theory, self-publishing, queer studies, semiotics, old school art theory, art books, exhibition texts, national identity, film, sculpture, photography, zine culture, gender studies, animation, popular culture, printmaking, materiality, film criticism, theater, graphic design, urbanism, indigenous studies, orientalism, post-colonial theory, philosophy, painting, contemporary art, art history, the 20th century, 19th century, modernity, historicity, materiality, material culture, performance culture, technology, temporality, phenomenology, art practices, medium, architecture, craft, textiles, book making, typography, big old art books, performance art, dramaturgy, drama, ceramics, dreams, time, modernity, linearity, literary theory, style, academic writing, language, canada, design, design languages, drawing, decoration, patterns, europe, barthes, visions, radial, latin american art, creative writing, performance, performance studies, dada, site-specific art, mixed media, manhattan, administration in arts and culture, vancouver, colour theory, fibres, conceptual art, painting, representation, belief, calligraphy, portraiture, the myth of primitivism, american society gender, street art, choreography, propaganda, movie making, sociology, research methods, arts education, academies of art japanese ceramics, art therapy, public art, sound art, berlin, magazines, music, linguistics, canadian art magazine, translation, vhs, the national gallery of canada, museology, citizenship, fashion, and so on.)

Residents have access to the reading room and its resources to conduct their self-directed project, with the opportunity to work in-person, situated among our collection of zines and art books.

Use our desks, browse our resources, connect with staff and the fine arts community, inform this space through your work.
Both residents will be given an honorarium ($400) for their work, and receive funding (up to $500) for any project expenses.

Project proposals should include the following:
  • A cv
  • 500 word project description or expression of interest
  • Proposed budget of material expenses

Applications are due February 7,
And can be submitted through this form (

Please email with any questions or comments.