The VAV Gallery: Hiring Technical Coordinator!

The VAV Gallery is currently seeking 1 Fine Arts Undergraduate Student to fill the position of Technical Coordinator for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year.

The VAV (Visual Arts Visuels) Gallery is a student-run exhibition space, supported by a Concordia Fine Arts Undergraduate student fee levy. Concordia students of all identities and levels of experience are encouraged to participate. Concordia is located on Kanien’kehá:a traditional territory

This is a unique opportunity for a student to gain skills that are necessary for self-managed careers in the arts and anyone interested in arts administration. The Technical Coordinator works with the Outreach and Financial and Administrative Coordinators in running the gallery in a self-directed capacity. These positions involve developing artistic programming, event planning, gallery promotion, research, accounting, space management and many other activities that sustain the gallery.

For inclusion and representation, the VAV Gallery encourages BIPOC students in the fine arts community to submit and prioritizes their applications equitably. More information about Employment Equity can be found below.

Deadline to Apply: Monday, September 20th, 2021 11:59 PM


The Technical Coordinator will be paid $15.00 an hour for a total of 15 hours per week with a self-determined schedule however must be available during the striking and installation of gallery exhibitions every 3 weeks. Exhibition schedule to be determined in consultation with the incumbent.

Position commences October 1st, 2021 and ends June 15th, 2022

The Technical Coordinator
  • Oversees the organization and running of the Gallery as an exhibition space with special focus on the installation of students' works while maintaining the structural integrity of the Gallery and its resources.
  • Liaising with artists about their works leading up to the installation concerning all technical logistics.
  • Maintaining the proper installation and storage of equipment within the Gallery, the constant updating of the Gallery’s inventory and the organization of the Gallery’s storage room.
  • Coordinating all installations and take-downs and acting as a resource to help artists plan the exhibition of their work and understand what resources the Gallery has available to them in mounting their work.
  • Ensuring the gallery is kept in good condition during exhibition installations and take-downs.
  • Organizing walkthroughs with upcoming exhibiting artists during the week leading up to the installation in order to show the exhibiting artists the location of their work and go over any technical logistics regarding their installation.
  • Responsible for the maintenance, purchase or rental of all equipment necessary for exhibitions while maintaining an active database of all gallery equipment including its date of purchase and all attendant documentation.
  • Ensuring proper safety and working order of all gallery equipment. Securing replacements and repairs for all Gallery equipment as needed with the support of the Student Relations Coordinator.

Shared responsibilities among all VAV Gallery Coordinators
  • Contributing to the ideation process of additional programming.
  • Developing the exhibition designs and overseeing the visual identity of the Gallery, which includes all print, web, and gallery signage.
  • Planning the layout and curatorial vision of each exhibition jointly.
  • Staying actively in conversation with the Coordinator of Student Relations at Concordia University through bi-weekly meetings to discuss the programming, budget and projects happening at the VAV (as schedule permits).
  • Adhering to the Gallery’s Bylaws and Policy Handbook.
  • Ensuring that the VAV’s commitment to equity and accountability is sustained at all times and at all levels of operation.


  • Concordia Undergraduate Fine Arts students enrolled in at least one Fine Arts course per semester during the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • For inclusion and representation, the VAV Gallery encourages BIPOC and other under-represented artists in the current Concordia visual arts community to submit, and prioritizes their applications equitably.
  • Students who would like to pursue these positions are recommended to take a lighter course load. These are time-consuming and physically demanding positions. However, these are incredibly rewarding experiences for anyone who has the time and energy to commit to the VAV Gallery.


  • Basic knowledge of managing emails
  • Available for regular email communications
  • Intermediate understanding of Microsoft Office and Google Drive applications
  • Excellent time management and punctuality
  • Initiative, ability to work autonomously and to adapt to feedback
  • Commitment to anti-oppression
  • Willingness to learn!

Notable Assets

  • Experience working and/or volunteering in galleries, Concordia Fine Arts Associations, non-profit organizations, collectives, school clubs and/or any other type of organization relevant to the VAV Gallery.
  • Knowledge of non-hierarchical governing structures.
  • Knowledge of anti-oppression, inclusivity and accessibility frameworks.

How to Apply

Interested students are invited to fill in the Google Form (linked above) and let us know
  • Your name, pronouns, email address, phone number and student ID number.
  • Your position of interest. You can apply to several positions but should only fill in one application. Keep in mind that it might be best to submit one strong application to a position that best matches your skills and interests.
  • Your prompt responses in one PDF document (see below).
  • Your CV in PDF format.


The VAV Gallery values your interests as well as your skills, knowledge and experience. We understand that as students, there may be areas of interest that you haven't yet been able to gain work experience in. We also understand that relevant skills/knowledge can come from many places, not only educational institutions. The following questions are framed to learn more about your interests, experiences and skills.

Part One: (~150 words)

The following question is mandatory and must be answered by all applicants. If you have applied for more than one position, please answer the question for both positions. Keep in mind that it might be best to submit one strong application to a position that best matches your skills and interests.

We are excited to know why you are interested in being part of the VAV Gallery! What is your interest in the position you have applied for, and how would your specific responsibilities relate to your background or goals?

Part Two: (~100 words, two responses)

Please select two of the following prompts to answer. If you are applying to multiple positions, you only need to answer your selected questions once. Include the question you are answering in your response for reference.

Coordinators will need to be responsible, have excellent time management, take initiative, adapt to feedback, communicate with their co-workers on a regular basis, and have a strong willingness to learn. Are these skills you feel comfortable with? Feel free to speak about one or several of these skills.

What is your experience with galleries, fine arts associations, non-profit organizations, collectives, school clubs and/or any other type of organization relevant to the VAV Gallery?

Relevant experience can come from many places, not only educational institutions or professional settings. Tell us about any interests, skills, or experiences you have which would have helped prepare you for your role as Coordinator at the VAV. Feel free to be creative with your response!

What is a change you wish to see within the Concordia Undergraduate Fine Arts community, and how could you see the VAV Gallery playing a role in that change?

Submissions will be accepted in either French or English and only proposals submitted via the online Google Form will be considered. Before submitting, please read our Anti-Oppression Statement.

All candidates, whether to be interviewed or not, will be contacted after their applications have been reviewed by the VAV coordinators at the latest on September 25th, 2021

Employment Equity

(BIPOC Equity)

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are disproportionately excluded from arts spaces, especially in leadership roles. Thus, the VAV would like to uplift and prioritize BIPOC applicants who choose to be considered for Equity. BIPOC applications will also be given special priority over self-identified White Equity applications. The VAV would like to acknowledge that our Equity processes in the past have failed to sufficiently distinguish between BIPOC applicants and White applicants who might identify with some other equity factors listed below. While we would like to uplift all marginalized identities, whiteness carries immense privileges which have historically shielded white artists from the exceptional marginalization that BIPOC artists have faced from arts institutions.


The VAV Gallery values the contributions that individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities bring to our organization. We encourage, among others, people with disabilities, neurodivergent individuals, people who identify as LGBTQI, formerly incarcerated or institutionalized people, immigrants, and people from working class backgrounds to apply. If you would like to be considered for Equity, please indicate so in your application.

We also understand that applicants may experience a number of these identities simultaneously in ways that reinforce and nuance their experience. We are committed to creating an organization as diverse as the communities we serve.

While it is not required that candidates explain why they would like to be considered for exhibition equity, please feel free to speak to any relevant lived experiences in your responses.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the VAV:

This statement is based on one created by COCo: