InArte: InArte Journal Issue 12

InArte Journal ART CALLOUT//


The inspiration for our theme this year comes from a Mycelium. On the surface, different plants appear to be separated by species and distance, but underground there is a vast, interwoven network of fungi that grows and spreads out, connecting all plants to a single organism. Mycelia are a communication framework that transmit essential information and nutrients to maintain the health and well-being of all plants connected. Mushrooms are the flower of these vast networks and the “tip of the iceberg” that we see.

Mycelia exemplify a concept of unity and inclusivity, of working together to sustain one another regardless of race or distance. This year we would like you to explore the idea of inclusivity through an interpretation of unifying networks; organic, structural, abstract and anything in between!

We accept all forms of written, digital, and visual works of art. This can include but not be limited to: lessons plans, poetry, research, creative writing, performance (with documentation), animation, paintings, drawings, textile work, sculpture and audio recordings.

Have fun!

You have until January 30th
Link to the Google Form