FASA: Meet FASA's New Coordinators!

⭐ Meet FASA's New Coordinators ⭐

⭐ Fee Levy Results ⭐

Thank you to everyone who voted during this year's election! We're thrilled to announce that our fee levy increase of $0.36 per credit was approved, and are looking forward to using these increased funds to provide opportunities for Fine Arts students in the upcoming year.

⭐ Faculty Council Callout ⭐
Want to be a part of Faculty Council? They're looking for students to join for the 2021-22 school year!

Faculty Council meets approximately nine times per academic year, from September to mid-May, and is normally scheduled on Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.  Steering Committee meets for no longer than one hour and its mandate is to:
-        Consider and recommend the agenda for Council meetings;
-        Review resolutions and recommendations submitted to Council;
-        Ensure that reports and recommendations arising out of different standing committees of Council are submitted in a form permitting effective debate;
-        Monitor the work of the standing committees of Council;
-        Prepare such reports and other documentation as Council may require of it;
-        Make any recommendations to Council that it judges appropriate.

If interested, please email fasa.outreach@gmail.com or office.fasa@gmail.com