Students of FMST 332: Montreal Stories, end-of-term work from FMST 332

This document presents the end-of-term work of a team from the undergraduate course Film Curation and Knowledge Production, FMST 332, completed in the winter of 2021. The work was jointly done by students Nicole Crawford, Olivier Du Ruisseau and Maria Natalyuk.

The mandate was to create a catalog of a fictitious cinematographic event, chosen by the students. The students present, in the first part, detailed justifications of their curatorial choices, as well as a catalog presenting the synopses and technical details of each film. This is a first experience for the students of conceptualizing a film festival, which had to be in line with the general mission of the course, which was to make students aware of the main issues of film curation, and the importance of a sensitive and original curatorial approach.