FARR: Queer Reads Library May 27th, 2021 Workshop

Queer Reads Library May 27th, 2021 Workshop

Time: Thursday May 27th at 5PMPST/8PM EST/ Fri May 28th at 9AM HKT

Zoom Link: https://concordia-ca.zoom.us/j/87315710600

Title: DIY Organizing and Archiving Books + Zines


Do you love collecting books and zines, but your collection is kinda... everywhere? On the floor, under your bed? This workshop invites QRL co-librarians and zinesters Rachel Lau and Kaitlin Chan to introduce simple and fun techniques for organizing and storing zine and book collections so they're more accessible and easy to find for you. CALL 1-800-Z1N3S Focusing on themes as a way to organize Mentioning physical maintenance of zines (e.g. moisture, sun damage)


Queer Reads Library (QRL) is a collection of books and independently published zines centred around queer narratives and themes. Established in 2018, QRL is a collaboration between artist-curator Kaitlin Chan, artist-writer Rachel Lau and artist-publisher Beatrix Pang.

QRL, much like queer gender and sexuality, is fuelled by the fluid, experimental, and (sometimes) mischievous. We are interested in where our library will take us and who wants to engage with queer histories and narratives, specifically through printed matter.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queer_reads_library/

Website: https://qrlib.net/