Concordia: Studio Arts opportunity: Ann Duncan Travel Award, deadline extended



Applications are accepted only via email at

The Ann Duncan Award was established in 1997 by the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery to honour the memory of Ann Duncan, who, through her writings on the arts, played a significant role in supporting the work of artists in the early stages of their careers. This award offers the exceptional possibility for full-time students at the undergraduate level in the Fine Arts to travel to significant art events around the world in order to experience first-hand the art of today. This award is given every two years alternatively one year, to a Studio Arts student (in 2009, 2013, 2017), and the other year to an Art History student (in 2011, 2015, 2017,2019, cancelled for 2021).

In 2022 the Travel and Tuition Award is to be given to an undergraduate student registered as a full-time student in Studio Arts to help offset the cost of travel to a significant international contemporary art event such as one of the many significant biennials, Documenta, Manifesta, or any other large scale art event (ex. Performa) taking place between April 1st 2022 and January 30th 2023.* The award also contributes to the cost of full-time tuition (and fees) for the coming academic year (2022-2023)

*Art fairs, art courses and residencies are excluded from this award.

The Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery is a public contemporary art gallery at Concordia University dedicated to the critical framing of current art and curatorial practices. More information can be obtained by visiting the Gallery’s website at

Requirements and selection criteria are also posted on the Undergraduate Awards Bulletins on Concordia University’s Student hub Web page and on the Ellen Gallery’s website.

Eligibility: Awarded to a full-time undergraduate student in the second year of study enrolled in Studio Arts. The student must have completed a minimum of 30 credits and maintained a minimum A– average at Concordia University.

Specifications: The Award is intended to cover the following costs of travel to a major international art event: economy airfare to and from the event, accommodation for the duration of stay, meals and local transportation, entry and other related fees to a maximum of $ 2500 CAD. The award also partly offsets the student’s full-time tuition fees for the academic year 2022-2023 to a maximum of $ 2500 CAD.

Applications are accepted by email (in English or French) with the title “DUNCAN APPLICATION 2022-2023” in the subject window. Application must be complete (transcripts must be included and up to date) at the time of submission or will not be considered.


The application must include the following assembled in one PDF document:

Part I
  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Student number
  • Area of specialization
  • Number of credits completed by December 1st 2021*
  • Proof of current full-time status in Art History
  • The name, title, phone number and email address of two faculty members (tenured or non-tenured) who can provide an appreciation of you as a student.

• Your signature and the date

*The student is required to submit a current transcript of their academic record to December 1st, 2021. The transcript does not need to be a certified copy.

Part II
  • Name of the event, dates of travel, itinerary and length of stay
  • A written proposal (500 words max.) demonstrating a clear connection between one’s research interest and the event in question. PLEASE NOTE that if a student pursuing a double major in Art History and Studio Arts applies, their proposal will be considered only if it addresses the area that the award is focusing on that year, in this case Studio Arts.

    Please note that in the 30 days following the trip the student must submit to the Gallery a written account of his or her travel (500 max) explaining how visiting this event has impacted his or her work as a student-art historian.

    Deadline for application and address:

    NOVEMBER 12TH 2021 Applications are accepted only via email at


    The candidate will be selected by a committee composed of the Director of the Gallery, the gallery’s curator of research and/or the Gallery’s Coordinator of Public Programs. Results will be announced at mid-December 2021.

    If you require more information, please contact the Gallery at 848-2424 extension 4752 or