We accept submissions on an ongoing basis, there is no deadline, and submissions will not be juried. If you are able to adhere to the guidelines, we will upload your story onto the website so your work can connect with other students. It is up to you to create an engaging story, so please make sure to use good quality images, nicely edited texts, and well recorded sounds or videos in your submission. Here it is your work and your words that will connect you with your peers more than anything.

Guidelines for Stories:

Please send us between 1-15 work samples. Image files must be jpg format, no larger than 12” at the maximum length - horizontal or vertical image orientation is up to you - all images must be 72dpi; YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp links; a brief text you’d like to accompany your materials (Word or Text Edit documents), and a link to your website and / or social media profiles of preference. The text can be anything you like. It can be a few sentences about you and your interests, something more in-depth about your work, creative or critical writing, or any language you are currently excited about that you’d like to share. You should include your area of study, as well as what year of study you are in.

All works and texts must be your own original artworks.

Please make sure we have a clear spelling of your preferred name in order to make sure you receive the proper credit for your story.

You are not releasing copyright for the contents of your stories, and we will remove your story ourselves within the year, or upon your written request prior to the end of the year if you prefer - no questions asked. We respect your right to decide how and when your materials are displayed.

Your story can be whatever you feel like sharing about your work or interests, however we ask that the skills you are honing as part of your studies be on display in some form or another. The idea here is to create a tactile form of community engagement from a distance - similar to ways buildings full of lecture halls, studios, and performance spaces containing people and their contents can feel on good days.

Stories can be individual artist pages, group projects, class projects, recorded panels, conferences, or similar events or happening. See Guidelines for Callouts and Contents below for more information about these variations. The same guidelines apply to most story formats, but please feel free to reach out with questions you might have.

Guidelines for Callouts and Contents:

For Callouts, please send us 1 image, no larger than 12” at the maximum length (horizontal or vertical image orientation is up to you), and the completed copy you would like to share. Please include contact information and links to external sources as you see fit. For Contents, things can be formatted more like an Artist story, depending on what it is you wish to present. Your copy should clearly describe your online event or happening, and of course you may include many links to media or further outside sources.

You can submit your stories either through WeTransfer via the email account fineartsstories[at]gmail[dot]com, or via the Submission Form below. It is up to you. We look forward to receiving your stories soon!!

Questions? Send us an email!