Hannah Covey: The Duality of Us

“The Duality of Us” explores the platonic intimacy that exists between myself and my roommate. This project was shot mainly in her bedroom, a space where we often spend time together. We dressed and posed similarly, to show our likeness but also to highlight our visual differences and unique dispositions.

Over the last 11 years, our relationship has grown and evolved deeply. We met when I visited Montréal for the first time on a student exchange, and was placed with her and her family to live with for 5 weeks. For a summer, we were sisters. Now our friendship is unspoken. Living with her is very intimate, and with it comes an innate closeness. It is something I haven’t experienced ever before. I spend more time with her than with anyone else in my life. We know each other’s hidden softness and how some things have different meanings to us than to others.

“The Duality of Us” portrays the closeness, comfort and warmth of our connection.