Hannah Covey: The Quiet Places

“The Quiet Places” by Hannah Covey

A series exploring the gradual shift of identity that comes with change of residence, “The Quiet Places” spans 3 years and features images from my experiences in Montréal.

While organizing my film work from the last few years I realized I had a selection of images that were cohesive in their theme and feel. Beginning in 2018, I started to document the spaces where we all quietly exist.

I have many photos of laundry lines and bedrooms. I was always interested in the ways in which these two subjects show subtle, quiet intimacy. As a child, I was always taught to keep doors closed when company came over, and seeing a door open to such a private space was and still is fascinating to me. Clothing, bedding, tea towels, they’re all a look into someone’s life. It’s very personal. Both bedrooms and laundry lines literally show the clothes we wear on our back, the sheets we sleep in; a glimpse into a life otherwise unknown. I love the openness of it all, the easy invitation for anyone to imagine a story based on these things.

Unfinished and ongoing, “The Quiet Places” allows the viewer to connect to these vulnerable and familiar spaces.